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Woodforest National Bank is a privately held bank headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. As of March 2020, it had more than 788 branches in 17 different states. Woodforest National Bank is Walmart's largest retail partner. Woodforest has a few branches that are open 24 hours a day and 364 days of the year. Woodforest National Bank also partners with Sam's Club and Kroger in a few states.


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Gary Crowson says

"My recent experience with this bank was enough for me to realize I need to immediately close my account and go somewhere else. We have banked with Woodforest for years and didn’t notice any issues because well, there weren’t any. Not until someone somehow got ahold of our banking info. Someone in Pakistan by the way.

We call the bank and the first guy says ok no problem, we’ll refund that money and issue another card. No harm no foul and we move on. Two days later another charge from Pakistan. We call and this time we are told no we cannot get our money back. They will open up a dispute and if they find evidence of fraud then we’ll get our money back. “Evidence of fraud” well let’s see, we are in Texas and this charge was for Dish TV in Pakistan, what more evidence do you need. To add insult to injury, a day later we are charged an international transaction fee.

Pathetic bank. So we had $50 stolen from us from someone in Pakistan because the bank couldn’t protect our money, but then they take sides with whoever this fraudster is and refuse to give us our money back and then have the audacity to charge us a international transaction fee for the change they couldn’t prevent.

Should be illegal"

Gulbin mangum says

"This bank is terrible.....My brother tried sending me my money through international wire from turkey for sale of my condo(from my late father) was told it could be fraud, even my brother's bank sent them verification what the money was for. They are joke for a bank!!!"

Vickie Higdon says

"I wish I could give no star review. So many lies from Woodforest National Bank, no same day electronic deposit, no next day if
electronic deposit made after a certain time, even on Friday, no next day by 7:00 am. This Bank is just one big lier. This is false advertising blatant liying to the public. Oh I almost forget, they say free Notary, well who knows, there's never anyone there that can Notarize anything. This is fast food Banking at it's worst, you never get it your way."

Vickie Higdon says

"I opened this account, because I was assured that electronic deposits would be in my account on the same day it was issued or if after a certain time of day, it would be in my account by 8 the next day, LIERS!!!! I just got off the phone with the so called customer service again who said I had no such deposit from my Client, that no such deposit was even showing on thier computer. That is funny because when I spoke to the other so called customer service person, I was told that the deposit would be available on Monday, and she told me how much that was. This Bank is dishonest and advertises false information. I am so mad that a Bank would be so dishonest and then lie to me about it. This Bank is not right, if they are this dishonest about something like this what else are they liying about. BAD BUSINESS!!!!"

Kevin L Ritz says

"They closed my accounts for depositing too much money!!!!
1 Business account with a lot of activity. 1 business account with little activity. 1 Savings account over 10 years old with no activity and a personal checking over 14 years old with average activity.
I still have over 900 business checks!!!! They do not make loans outside of the Woodlands area. (Houston)"

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